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Because of the nature of bee products, some companies will only ship to the UK, others to the US or Australia.  Very few offer cost-effective postage and packing  worldwide.  Therefore, I've done a lot of research to find the very best bee products on Amazon and listed them here.  At the end of this page, I’ve also included links to another store that ships to most places at reasonable rates.  My suggestion is that you look at the Amazon products first, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, check out the “Other Stores” section of this page.

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bee pollen

bee pollenPollen grains are tiny.  When you buy pollen granules, each granule is actually made up of thousands of individual pollen grains.  Each pollen grain has the power to make a seed (it’s the male part of the equation).  Since pollen is 100% plant material, pollen grains are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Pollen is actually a very complete food in itself, and holds a treasure trove of nutrients for humans.  You get vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein.

For best results, use only organic pollen that has been collected in remote areas surrounded by wild flowers.

royal jelly

Royal Jelly is a popular health supplement.  Nurse worker bees make it from pollen and honey and secrete it from special glands in their heads.  It may not sound too appetizing, but royal jelly has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries.

In scientific terms, royal jelly is a complete source of amino acids and contains collagen and sugars the body can use.  With infection-fighting gamma globulins, enzymes, apisin and royalisin, royal jelly packs a powerful punch.


propolis bee glue natural medicinePropolis has been the subject of many studies on it’s healing and health benefits.  You can take it as a liquid or a capsule.

For the bees, propolis serves as the putty to repair cracks in the walls of their hives.  It’s composed mostly of resins from young leaves and bark.    The resins are mixed with honey, wax and some enzymes to make propolis.

raw honey

Yellow honeyIf you can afford it, get unpasteurized, raw honey.  The pasteurization process heats up honey and destroys many of it’s valuable nutrients and enzymes.  Unpasteurized, raw honey is without doubt the very best for your health.   It’s a lot more difficult to get this type of honey in your local supermarket, since profit is all most supermarket chains care about.  You are better offer getting it directly from your local beekeepers, or online from Amazon.

bee venom

Bee venom is a “natural Botox” and is used extensively in the beauty industry in anti-aging products.  One of it’s active ingredients is melittin, a chemical that makes the skin sensitive to the actual venom of the bee.  The end result is the skin absorbs more oxygen, hormones and amino acids, resulting in an overall rejuvenating effect..

It’s important to mention that no bees are harmed in the collection of bee venom.