Herpes and Propolis – The Natural Formula for Treating Herpes

Propolis is a natural flavonoid-rich resinous substance collected by honeybees. The plants the bees visit are what provide propolis with its antimicrobial benefits. It also has antiviral benefits, and it is this which makes it an ideal treatment for the herpes simplex virus. If you suffer from cold sores, you will want to consider this all-natural remedy next time you have an outbreak.

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There have been various lab experiments to support the propolis/herpes claims. The conclusion is that bee propolis is effective at fighting the herpes simplex type-1 virus. The way it does this is by obstructing the spread of the virus.

Treating Herpes with propolis is said to be most effective with a five percent solution of the propolis taken at least once daily. It has shown to lessen the time it takes for the herpes to heal and also reduces the pain during an outbreak. Other studies have concluded that propolis is effective at fighting viruses, protozoans and bacteria.

Like all studies, some of these included animals and a few others were with human guinea pigs. The results were all in favor of the benefits of propolis as a natural topical application.

Propolis for Herpes

There is one of two ways to apply a propolis solution to treat herpes direct. One method is via an ointment and the other a cream. Both of these methods are safe for using in and around the genital area, which can be quite sensitive.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) say that a cream of 3-5 percent is most effective. The treatment has to be consistent though, and applied to the infected area as much as four times daily, depending on the product. The duration of the treatment is for about a week to 10 days. This is not only for genital herpes treatment, but also infection, including vaginal infections and cold sores.

Oral Supplementation Bee Propolis

Oral supplementation has its uses too. It is thought that it may help to reduce inflammation of canker sores. The same goes for ulcers caused from the H. pylori bacterium and urinary tract infections.

Oral supplementation may also help to speed up the recovery of herpes when combined with a topical application. Dosage of propolis oral supplements ranges from 25mg to 500mg taken from once to several times daily. How much and how often you take supplements depends on the cause and severity of your symptoms.

What About Bees Honey

Propolis is the best known natural product for treating herpes, but it's not the only one. Newer research now shows that even honey itself can be more effective than conventional medications.  Here's what one study revealed:

The study looked at treating herpes with a drug called Acyclovir. Acyclovir is a popular antiviral drug used mainly for the treatment of herpes and AIDS. What this study discovered was that honey healed cold sores on the lips 43 percent faster. The result for genital herpes was even better. Here, the honey was 59 percent faster at healing compared to Acyclovir.

The results above were impressive to say the least, but healing time was not the only benefit.  The honey also reduced crusting and pain dramatically when compared to the drug. Even better was that some cases of herpes remitted when they were treated with just honey. Compare this with no cases remitted fully by using Acyclovir.

The scientific report below determined that propolis samples have important antiviral effects compared with acyclovir.

Antiviral Activity of Hatay Propolis Against Replication of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Type 2.
Yildirim A, Duran GG, Duran N, Jenedi K, Bolgul BS, Miraloglu M, Muz M.
Med Sci Monit. 2016 Feb 9;22:422-30.

Only Raw Honey Will Do

Not any honey will work for the effective treatment of herpes. It has to be raw to get the maximum benefit. The honey should be applied four times each day for the duration of the treatment. When using Acyclovir, common side effects during treatment often include itching. There are no such side effects with the topical application of raw honey.


Humans have used bee propolis for thousands of years to treat a whole range of conditions. If you suffer with herpes, this is one bee product that you will definitely want to try. It is natural, and in almost all cases it's safe to use. Try it and see what relief it provides you. Always remember to start off slow with the dosage to see how you react to it. Many sufferers of herpes have been amazed at its effectiveness, and so might you.

The effective use of propolis for treating herpes is no longer hearsay. You can apply it topically using either an ointment or a cream. These products can go anywhere safely except in and around the eye area. Recommended dosages may vary between products, so be sure to check the labels for instructions.

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