How to Accelerate Hair Growth with Bee Propolis

Not a lot of people know this, but bee propolis is a natural substance that can benefit human hair in a few ways. Perhaps you just want hair that is healthier overall. Or maybe you're trying to regrow your hair and would love to speed up the process.

My Notes on Hair Growth and Bee Propolis

Propolis is a resin-like substance that bees use to seal small gaps in their hives, but that's not its only use. Researchers now think that propolis could be a miracle treatment for hair loss. The research also suggests that propolis may help to prevent hair loss from occurring in the first place. If so, this is fantastic news for all kinds of people, but especially for men.

The Research

Researchers in Japan conducted the study into propolis as a hair loss solution. The research suggests this natural substance promotes the growth of cells that contribute to hair growth. Japanese researcher Ken Kobayaski, wanted his team to find out if propolis could create new growth where hair loss had occurred. The trial began by shaving or waxing a group of lab mice. They then gave some mice from the group a topical application of propolis. In both cases, waxed and shaved, the mice that received propolis grew their fur back faster than those who didn't.

There was another interesting development that the researchers discovered. The actual number of cells involved in the growth of the mice fur increased after applying propolis to the skin.

The research team involved in these tests pointed out that hair loss in general is quite often the result of inflammation. The good news is that propolis contains anti-inflammatory elements. Because of this, researchers think that propolis could reverse hair loss due to balding.

This study was first published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (see below).

Stimulatory Effect of Brazilian Propolis on Hair Growth through Proliferation of Keratinocytes in Mice
Shota Miyata, Yozo Oda, Chika Matsuo, Haruto Kumura, and Ken Kobayashi
Publication Date (Web): November 22, 2014


Scientists have been looking for an effective treatment for hair loss for eons. Although the above studies look promising, the research team acknowledges that more testing is still necessary.

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